• 2017

  • 26 Photos

    It was a big event at Nellis AFB for the 70th birthday of the USAF. Great fun to land at North Las Vegas, Bravo airspace can slow ya down.

  • 27 Photos

    Great trip with a pass over the Grand Canyon

  • 25 Photos

    A great day on the ship.

  • 31 Photos

    Another Great Club Picnic

  • 34 Photos

    The 6th Annual Poker Run

  • 12 Photos

    Mike and the gang had a great day at George’s place

  • 2016

  • 85 Photos

    It was a great 50 year celebration

  • 32 Photos

    Hosted by Dan & Lorraine Simansky

  • 65 Photos

    Hosted by Al & Jeanne Lane

  • Hosted by Cliff Busick and Darrell Shy and co-hosted by Richard Franco

  • 13 Photos

    Hosted by Don Eisenberg and co-hosted by Henry Punt. It was a bit of a challenge to get to TRM because of the TFR at Palm Springs, but ATC was very helpful.