Poker Run 2018

Date: April 21, 2018
Time: 12:00 AM  to  12:00 AM

Its happening again. We wouldn’t do it every year if it wasn’t a great way to get in the old airplane and just fly….

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Hosted by Mike Savage and Mark Cheer

Mike 661-803-6240  or

Mark 661-607-8118   or

Pay online below.    $25 per hand  or send a check to Judy Rifkin


This is open to anyone who wants to participate.

 Our 7th Annual Poker Run is scheduled to lift off on Saturday, April 21st.  The five airports have been selected and you have to show your airmanship skills in obtaining Poker hand playing cards by getting to each one safely.
The five lucky airports selected this year are:
  • Van Nuys – the 2nd busiest and most beautiful airport in the USA (Cards will be in the pilot’s lounge at the fuel pit)
  • Whiteman – the Pearl of Pacoima (Cards will be at Vista Aviation)
  • El Monte – Home of the dead NDB (Cards will be at the restaurant)
  • Agua Dulce – Test your landing skills on this one (Cards will be at the fuel pumps)
  • Santa Paula – Your fifth and final stop to see who will win the sweepstakes this year.
Will it be Boujo and Felker again this year?  Heck no!  Please come and have a fun filled day with us.  Lunch will be at the Flight 126 Cafe at Santa Paula (Dutch treat for all of you Dutchmen out there).  Come and eat and celebrate with us.
A Poker hand is just $25 (that’s just $5 per card) but it could be worth so much more!  Must fly to the airports to participate in the Poker fun.
You’re welcome to join us at Santa Paula for lunch even if not Poker-running.
More details to follow.
Let us know if you are planning to come.
See you.
Mike and Lois Savage
Mark and Teri Cheer


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