Harlis Brend

Harlis & Donna Brend


I had an interest in airplanes since I was a child. I watched the airliners fly over our farm along their route between Fargo and Grand Forks ND, and built model airplanes. After college I finally had an opportunity to ride with a friend in a Cessna C-172. I was unable to qualify for the Air Force pilot school because I wore glasses. Shortly after 1966 I began taking flying lessons at Van Nuys.

A significant portion of my engineering career was involved with avionics/navigation systems, special purpose computer design, and supporting flight testing. During the 1970s/1980s, I flew many vacation flights to Washington, North Dakota, Michigan and various places in-between. Since 2003 I had drifted away from flying but maintained an interest in aviation, being a member of the EAA Chapter in Camarillo. In early 2016 I obtained my special issue FAA medical certificate and with the encouragement from wife Donna, we purchased a Cessna C-182L (N3382R). After so many years away from flying, I am now working with a CFII to become current/proficient in the C-182, obtain my flight review and instrument sign-off.

Donna and I look forward to the social association with the aviation oriented people we have met as guests of recent Airventurers events and the opportunity to travel with the group.

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