January Minutes

January 26, 2013

President Marvin Rifkin opened this meeting at Signature Aviation at Van Nuys Airport at 10:05 am. Present were Board members Marv Rifkin, Barry Rainey, Judy Rifkin, Bernie Harris, Cliff Busick, Mark Cheer and Mike Savage. Also present were Jim Barton, Fred Stewart, Don Eisenberg, Yoni Boujo, Joel Kirschner, Dan and Lorraine Simansky, Laura Rainey, Dave Snyder, Michael Landau, Bill Murrell and Jerry Dickman, an applicant.

The minutes of the December 15, 2012 board meeting, taken by Lorraine Simansky, were read by Bernie Harris.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy Rifkin reported that we had $9,131.04 in our checking account, which includes some funds collected in 2013. There was $6,644.32 to start the year. For fly-ins, anything over $10 per person after expenses will be distributed back to participants. Income to date equals $2835 in dues, plus $70 in transit, which makes $2905. Marv produced and passed out a proposed budget for 2013, based on money spent in 2012, and went through the various items. Joel Kirschner thought we should spend more to bring in more members. There was a discussion about the roster.

Membership: Don Eisenberg ran down names of those members who haven’t sent in their dues as yet. Judy moved to send Barbara Schultz an application, seconded and passed. Marv passed out newly printed brochures and a discussion about getting new memberships ensued.

Sunshine: Don McMullen had eye surgery, and Gene Barlowe had knee surgery.

Safety: No report, as Claudio was absent.

Website: Joel said that entree choices for dinner meetings will be offered on the website, and that the Board minutes are now archived.

Dinners: February will be at Valley Inn, and March at Billingsley’s. Parking is at a premium there, due to Metro construction. Best Buy parking lot across Pico Blvd. is a possible solution. Marv proposed a Sunday night dinner meeting as a possibility, also. Jim Barton talked of difficulties getting to meetings, and also suggested trying a Sunday Evening meeting. April 18 will be a non-standard event, and will be on a Thursday, because the speaker is not available on Tuesdays. A pizza parlor was also suggested as a possible meeting place. Barry Rainey will chair a committee to get started on the Holiday Party. He passed out information on the Proud Bird for Saturday, December7, 2013. We have a temporary hold for that date. Bernie Harris moved to have the Holiday Party there on that date – December 7th – motion 2nd by Jim Barton and passed. Judy Rifkin volunteered to help Barry in planning for the event, as did Jim. Drinks at $300 for an open bar for 2 hours are already guaranteed.
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Fly-ins: Joel mentioned that January’s Palm Springs was a good event. February will be Las Vegas, which needs a few more couples to cover non-refundable show tickets. Several other activities were also mentioned. April 20 will be the Ramona Pageant in Hemet, which Lorraine Simansky is managing. For May, Bill Murrell is doing Carlsbad Caverns and the museum, which he discussed. It will be a 3 night affair. .June will be another Poker R, which Mike Savage discussed. He said that we need to fly to different airports and possibly could end up at Apple Valley. Yoni Boujo is doing Lake Tahoe in July, and Tony Samojen is handling landing at Mammoth, going to Yosemite. There are only 10 rooms available at the Ahwanee Hotel. Jim noted that Bishop would probably be a better landing and parking facility.

Old Business: None presented.

New Business: Bill Murrell suggested we consider using Mail Chimp for mass mailings, which is free. Joel noted that membership is down to only 59 memberships now. He iterated that he is fearful we may not be able to continue as we are without new blood.

Next month’s meeting will be on February 16th, going to Cable Airport afterwards, weather permitting. Lunch this day will be at Lulu’s.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:36 pm., after which pictures of the new officers and board members were taken.

Respectfully submitted,

Bernie Harris, Secretary