November Minutes

November 17, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 a.m. by President Al Lane at Van Nuys Airport’s Signature Aviation. Present were board members Al Lane, Marv Rifkin, Yoni Boujo, Judy Rifkin, Joel Kirschner, Cliff Busick, Claudio Losacco, and Mike Savage. Also present were Dan and Lorraine Simansky, Barry and Laura Rainey, Fred Stewart, Jeanne Lane, Gene Barlowe, and Mark Cheer. There was a quorum present.

In the absence of Bernie Harris and Judy Rifkin unable to take the minutes, Lorraine Simansky will record the minutes from today’s meeting. The minutes of the October 27th board meeting taken by Jeanne Lane were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: Yoni Boujo reported there is $6,069.85 in the bank. Joel Kirschner distributed a handout showing income and expenses for the year so far.

Dinner Meetings: Marv Rifkin indicated there are currently 17 people signed up for the dinner meeting November 20th. Joel Kirschner passed out a list of those signed up for the December 2nd Holiday Party. Al Lane mentioned the 94th Aero Squadron was concerned that the downstairs room we have for the Holiday Party may be too large for our group. However, Al said we do have this room. As Marv read off the names of Airventurers members, those present at the board meeting volunteered to call members who had not yet signed up for the Holiday Party.

Sunshine: Judy Rifkin stated that Art Wasserman is home now and will try to come to the Holiday Party. Barry Rainey is doing fine and is wearing shoes now. Al Lane reported Ken Coolidge is now in a care facility in Camarillo and hopes to be home soon. Cliff Busick noted Diane needs another surgery; and Joel Kirschner reported Joan’s daughter in-law has cancer and things are rough at his house.

Safety: Claudio Losacco had nothing to report.

Website: Joel Kirschner indicated we have a new company for paying online and the membership dues can now be paid online.

Membership: Eleven members have paid their membership dues for next year along with two who did it online.

Fly-Ins: Following a brief discussion, it was decided to have the December 15 board meeting at Apple Valley’s Wild Willies Smokehouse at 10:30 a.m., followed by lunch at 12:00. This would replace the November fly-in which was cancelled due to the weather. If the weather is bad, the board meeting will be held in the usual place at 10:00 a.m. Dan Simansky gave a report on the
April 20-21, 2013 fly-in to Hemet he and Lorraine are hosting. Flyers were passed out for it.

Speakers: Al Lane has been in contact with Jessica Cox regarding having her as a speaker. However, she charges $7,500, which is more than we would pay.

Old Business: Joel Kirschner distributed and went over a list of fly-ins scheduled for 2013. The reasons for the February 16 and May 18 board meetings being on non-standard days were verified.

New Business: Al brought up the names of 5 people on the email list who have not been around. Kasamanian and Steele will be deleted from this list. Judy Rifkin mentioned there are 9-10 people who want a hard copy of the Airventurers Flyer each month, which entails extra work for her and an additional expense. Motion by Claudio Losacco, 2nd by Yoni Boujo to discontinue sending hard copies of the Airventurers Flyer. PASSED.

Al Lane announced that Gene Barlowe is in charge of music for the Holiday Party, Mike Savage is the entertainment, and Judy Rifkin will have a presentation of club fly-ins.

Marv Rifkin indicated he needs someone to do sunshine next year. To get more people involved, the suggestion was made to see if the wife of a member would take this position. Marv also mentioned that Al Lane will be the speaker chairman for the coming year and needs input from all members regarding possible speakers.

Joel Kirschner asked if some dinner meetings could be on the west side. He will check with Billingsley’s.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:26 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorraine Simansky
Secretary Pro Tem