October 27 Minutes

Airventurers Club Board Meeting
October 27, 2012

Al Lane called the meeting to order at 10:05. Present were Yoni Boujo, Cliff Busick, Al Lane, Claudio Losacco, Joel Kirschner, Mike Savage, and non-board members Jeanne Lane, Fred Stewart, Gunter Seibold, and Wally Krouse. There was a quorum.

The minutes of the September 22nd board meeting were read by Al Lane and approved as read.
In the absence of Bernie Harris, Judy Rifkin, and Lorraine Simansky, Jeanne Lane will serve as secretary.

Treasurers Report: Yoni Boujo reported: the overall total is, $7,041.55, Expenses $-3,117.50, Overall total $617.50, Expenses $47.55, A copy was given to all present. Joel Kirschner commented that the excess funds could be used to support club activities.

Dinners: Al Lane commented that he heard from several members that the October Dinner Meeting speaker, Kristin Davis, was very good. The next dinner meeting will be November 20th and the speaker will be CDR Bill Reeds. He will speak on Naval Aviation. The Holiday Party will be held on December 2nd at the 94th Aero Squadron. Arrangements are underway.

Sunshine: Art Wasserman has had a setback and will need additional surgery on his legs. Joan McMullen has recovered from her fall. Barry Rainey has had surgery on his other foot. Ken Coolidge is still in the hospital and four members plan to visit him after the meeting today. Diane Busick has had her surgery and Cliff said it is the first time for a long while that she has been out of pain.

Safety: Claudio Losacco, Nothing to report.

Website: Joel Kirschner reported on some of the features of the website and said he is willing to give a 10 minute presentation on how to use them at a dinner meeting.

Membership: Claudio Losacco moved and Yoni Boujo seconded that Kelly and Pam Bakst having completed all membership requirements be accepted as members into the Airventurers. Motion passed. Joel Kirschner moved and Yoni Boujo seconded that Don and Michelle Katz having submitted an application form and paid the application fee be accepted as applicants into the Airventurers. Motion passed.

Fly-Ins: Mike Savage: It was reported that the Cottonwood, Out Of Africa, fly-in turned out very good. It was enjoyed by all. Mike Savage reported that the Apple Valley fly-in is ready to go. Eight have signed up and it was discovered that some names that signed up via the internet were not reported to Mike. The number may grow.
Speakers: Al reported that CDR Bill Reed will speak at the Nov. 20th dinner meeting. Al is also checking on Jessica Cox to see what her requirements are to make a presentation. Several members commented on the pros and cons on paying speakers.

Old Business: Al reported that the brochures are completed and he distributed some for members to see. Al reported that the e-mail vote on keeping the annual dues at $70. passed 7 yes to 1 no. Al reported that the e-mail vote on providing $500 for unforeseen expenses for the Holiday Party passed 8 yes to 0 no. Joel presented the Fly-In schedule for 2013. It was discussed and some modifications were made. There may still be some changes as it is a work in progress. Al commented that he is glad to see this completed so it can be published in December.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 11:25

Respectfully submitted, Jeanne Lane, Acting substitute secretary.