Minutes August 25, 2012

Airventurers Club Board Meeting
August 25, 2012

President Al Lane opened this meeting at Signature Aviation at Van Nuys Airport at 10:06 am. Present were Board members Al Lane, Marv Rifkin, Yoni Boujo, Bernie Harris, Judy Rifkin, Jim Barton, Cliff Busick, Claudio Losacco, Mike Savage and Joel Kirschner. Also present were Don Eisenberg, Jeanne Lane, Dan and Lorraine Simansky, Fred Stewart, Mark Cheer, J.B. and Yvonne Adkins.

The minutes of the July 28, 2012 board meeting were read by Bernie Harris, approved and accepted.

Treasurers Report: Yoni Boujo produced a report showing $8,779.30 in the bank, with $3,735 generated so far this year. Expenses totaled $2,699.82.

Dinners: Marv Rifkin noted that our next dinner meeting will be at the Valley Inn on September 18, and the speaker will be Dennis Fandey. It was deemed that the Valley Inn might be too small to handle that meeting. Chablis was suggested and discussed, noting that it might be better to take dinner orders in advance there. It was suggested that we go to Chablis for September, instead of Valley Inn. Jim Barton moved to limit reservations to the first 40 at Valley Inn, 2nd by Joel Kirschner. An amendment was made by Jim that no walk-ins would be accepted for dinner, unless there were less than 40 attending for dinners. Walk-ins over 40 can be seated in the main dining room. .A vote was taken after much discussion and the motion was denied. We will still go to Valley Inn for September. Cliff Busick noted that Barone’s was now open on Oxnard and Woodman, and it will be checked out. Judy Rifkin mentioned that Guido’s in Calabasas has a big private room, but it is expensive there.

Sunshine: Judy has a broken leg. Bob Steele’s funeral was chaotic and funny (Bob Steele style). Yoni got his IFR rating.

Safety: Claudio and Joel went on a fly-in that they said they will discuss at another time. Al talked about the mis-use of “Roger” on the radio.

Website: Joel said that he and Judy were getting help from Mark Cheer in running the website. Judy discussed some of the things that are now on the website – ‘a place to share’.

Membership: Don Eisenberg said that Van Nuys Prop is trying to do fly-ins and that he is assisting them. He would like us to offer memberships to some of them. Dan Katz will be invited. Harry Byrd is president of Van Nuys Prop, is a former Airventurer, and may be a facilitator in getting some members of his organization to join us. Darrell Shy has completed his requirements for membership, and Judy moved to vote him in, 2nd by Cliff, and approved. Kelly Bakst needs only to co-host a dinner. J. B. Adkins needs to
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co-host a fly-in and a dinner meeting. Bruce Tabor needs to attend a fly-in and co-host another. Bernie has two new possible prospects.

Fly-ins: Al said that we had a good picnic. Mike Savage reported that we have 8 people already signed up for Canyon de Chelly, September 14-16. Joel has 10 rooms for 2 nights at Cottonwood, October 5-7, and those attending will be going to a ranch for dinner, and he has arranged visits to Out of Africa and to Jerome. The cost will be $400 per couple. November is open. Some suggested fly-ins for then were the Annenberg Estates, the AOPA Summit, the Follies near SLO/Paso Robles. A Catalina Fly-In possibly for September 29-30 for the Airshow in the Sky was also proposed. Claudio suggested the Open House at Mojave at the end of October. Don noted that Mojave has open hangars on the 3rd Saturdays of every month.

Speakers: Al reported that Dennis Fandey was still scheduled for September, Kristin Davies for October, and Bill Reeds for November. The Holiday Party in December will be at the 94th Aero Squadron.

Old Business: Judy, who is working on the new brochure, said she can get 5000 copies for $172. Al said the Rainey party at the Camarillo Airshow was very nice. There were many airshow no show pilots.

New Business: Al stated that the nominating committee was to meet after the board meeting. Judy said that Cary Charlin wanted to put an ad in the Flyer for a non-member friend who has a membership in Air Spacers for sale. Cliff moved to allow the ad, 2nd by Claudio, and after discussion, the motion was passed. Jim Barton talked about conflicting dates for fly-ins, and that Sid Djanogly suggested Robinson Aircraft as a fly-in or a drive down to Torrance mid-week.

The next Board meeting will be at Signature Aviation on September 22, with lunch flying out to El Monte afterwards, weather permitting. Judy will take the minutes in Bernie’s expected absence. The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Bernie Harris, Secretary