July 28 Minutes

Airventurers Club Board Meeting
July 28, 2012

President Al Lane opened this meeting at Signature Aviation at Van Nuys Airport at 10:02 am. Present were Board members Al Lane, Bernie Harris, Jim Barton, Cliff Busick and Mike Savage. Also present were Don Eisenberg, Jeanne Lane, Dan and Lorraine Simansky, Fred Stewart, Gunter Seibold, Wally Krause and Mark Cheer.
The minutes of the June 30, 2012 board meeting were read by Bernie Harris, approved and accepted. President Al Lane brought up insurance considerations again.

Treasurers Report: No report was given.

Dinners: There was no dinner meeting in July. It was reported that Judy Rifkin found a new restaurant, but they want $40 per dinner. The next dinner meeting will be at Valley Inn on September 18th.

Sunshine: In Judy’s absence, it was noted that Bob Steele’s funeral will be tomorrow. J. B. Adkins was not attending today because of a separate funeral consideration.

Safety: Claudio was absent. Joel Kirschner was involved in an accident, apparently minor in nature.

Website: No report.

Membership: Don Eisenberg has a new prospect. Al Lane said that a few applicants need help with some of their requirements. Kelly Bakst needs to co-host a dinner and Darrell Shy needs to co-host a fly-in.

Fly-ins: Mike Savage said that Canyon de Chelly is set for September 14-16. The October fly-in to Albuquerque is cancelled for lack of available transportation. Jim Barton suggested Santa Fe instead of Albuquerque. Al thought that Cottonwood could substitute and that Joel could handle it. Don Eisenberg had other ideas regarding Cottonwood, using it possibly for next year, and could include Midland as a big fly-in. Cliff talked about Roswell, New Mexico. The Annual Picnic is August 11th, and Fred Stewart is taking reservations. Other suggested fly-ins included the Annenberg Estate; AOPA Summit in Palm Springs, October 11-13; the Mid-County Follies near San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles. The first week in October could be a replacement.

Speakers: Al reported that Dennis Fandey was scheduled for September and Kristin Davies for October. November will be Bill Reeds, and the Holiday Party will be in December. Three speakers are already scheduled for 2013.

Old Business: Judy is working on the new brochure.

New Business: A nominating committee needs to be meeting soon and a slate of proposed new officers will need to be proposed. New members need seasoning. The Camarillo Air Show will be August 18 and 19, and Al distributed posters for posting. Flying programs were discussed. Al said that pilots flying in for the air show will need to buy tickets. Vans will be available until 11:45 am to bus pilots in. Tie downs behind the fuel island may be available. Barry Rainey will have a hangar party at his hangar during the show. Gunter and Wally announced that they bought a house in Porterville and will be moving into it at the end of August. They will maintain their Airventurers membership, but will not be attending board meetings.
The next Board meeting will be at Signature Aviation on August 25th, with lunch flying out to Fullerton afterwards, weather permitting. The Fly-out lunch today was to Whiteman Airport. The meeting was adjourned at 11:03 am.
Respectfully submitted,

Bernie Harris, Secretary