Minutes June 30, 2012

Airventurers Club Board Meeting
June 30, 2012

President Al Lane opened this meeting at Signature Aviation at Van Nuys Airport at 10:07 am. Present were Board members Al Lane, Marv Rifkin, Bernie Harris, Judy Rifkin and Claudio Losacco. Also present were Fred Stewart, Don Eisenberg, Jeanne Lane, Dan and Lorraine Simansky, Dave Snyder, Barry and Laura Rainey and J.B. Adkins.

The minutes of the May19, 2012 board meeting, taken by Judy Rifkin, were read by Bernie Harris, approved and accepted.

Treasurers Report: Al Lane, in the absence of Joel Kirschner, passed around a handout showing that we had $8,390.96 in the treasury.

Dinners: Marv Rifkin said that we had the largest turnout for the year at our June 19th dinner meeting, and our speaker was good, too. There will be no dinner meetings in July and August. The next dinner meeting will be at Valley Inn on September 18th.

Sunshine: Judy said that Barry Rainey was up on his feet again after his surgery. The Salmons are new grandparents. Marv Rifkin is having a steroid epidural on Monday. Devera Harris fell on Thursday and broke both bones in her left arm near the wrist and will undergo surgery next Thursday. And the condition of Bob Steele, who is now 95 years old, was discussed.

Safety: Claudio mentioned that he and Joel Kirschner were flying to Minnesota for Joel’s family get-together. Claudio will then return home, while Joel flies to Baltimore and Claudio will rejoin Joel by flying commercial to Baltimore, then both will fly on to Oshkosh.

Website: Judy said that she is having difficulties with the website. Pictures from the San Luis Obispo fly-in are up.

Membership: Al said that planners of fly-ins should check to see if applicants need to co-host to fulfill their requirements and to utilize them whenever able. Don Eisenberg noted that only 36 of the 52 names in the roster still own airplanes and the numbers are diminishing.

Fly-ins: Al thought the San Luis Obispo fly-in was good and the bed and breakfast was likewise good. Marv said that Carson City was ready to go, but only 14 people are now signed up. The yearly picnic is scheduled for August 11th, and Al suggests the sharing of responsibilities. Yoni Boujo will be in charge and has already taken care of the permit, but volunteers are needed to help Yoni. Judy volunteered to take reservations, but Fred Stewart then offered to take the reservations and Judy acceded to him.

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Speakers: Al has arranged for Bill Reed, the new commander of early warning systems at Point Mugu, to speak at the September dinner meeting. October will be Kristin Davies, a pilot of the Goodyear blimp, but we may need a back-up plan. Don
Eisenberg suggested an Antarctica pilot as back-up. Al has Dan Dalton available as back-up for September or October, and Barry Rainey is also available.

Old Business: Judy said a file of the new brochure has been sent in for pricing of its printing.

New Business: Al feels that we should be thinking about upcoming election of new officers. A nominating committee and a slate of proposed new officers will be needed. For suggested fly-ins, Judy proposed the Annenberg Estate in San Diego. Also, the Follies near San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles was suggested as an overnight fly-in. The Camarillo Air Show will be August 18 and 19, and Al thought we may get booth space gratis, but Don Eisenberg feels that a booth would be a waste of time, based on past experiences, The consensus was not to have a booth and instead to party at Barry Rainey’s hangar. Al brought up the subject of liability insurance for board members, but Don reminded us that Airventurers do not advise how to fly to Fly-ins, therefore insurance is not needed. Barry Rainey asked Marv if could use co-hosts for dinners. Don mentioned that vice-presidents in the past would have other members host the dinners, but this changed when a past VP took it on himself, and it has been this way since. Dave
Snyder raised questions about visitors to our events. Bernie Harris noted that American Flyers has a monthly free luncheon and safety meeting every first Saturday of the month at Santa Monica Airport and he can talk up Airventurers there when able.

The next Board meeting will be at Signature Aviation on July 28th, with lunch flying out to Whiteman Airport afterwards, weather permitting. The Fly out lunch today was to Bakersfield, but only one aircraft would be going, so lunch was rescheduled to a local restaurant. The meeting was adjourned at 11:22 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Bernie Harris, Secretary