May Minutes

Airventurers Board Meeting Minutes
May 19, 2012

In the absence of Al Lane, V.P. Marv Rifkin called the meeting to order at 10:05. Present were board members Cliff Busick, Yoni Boujo, Mike Savage, Joel Kir-schner, Judy Rifkin, and Claudio Losacco; we had a quorum. Also present were Fred Stewart, Don Eisenberg, Mark Cheer, JB and Yvonne Adkins, and Dave Sny-der.

The minutes of the April 28th board meeting were read and approved.

Treasurers Report (attached): Yoni and Joel presented a detailed report. YTD in-come is $3735. Expenses, YTD, are $1527.11. Retained earnings were $4869.15, which gives us a balance of $7077.04. This does not reflect our checking account balance which includes deposits for future fly-ins and money from fly-ins which has not yet been refunded.

Membership: Bruce Tabor needs a roster; Al has the extras. Moses paid his dues but has not yet filled out an application. It was suggested that if he is really not serious about membership, his money be returned. The membership brochure was discussed briefly. Don Eisenberg and JB Adkins will look into pricing them, and Judy will send them the .pdf file.

Dinner Meetings: Attendance was down at the May meeting. Marv Rifkin asked for opinions as to why – the subject? the speaker?. Apparently, some felt he might have been drumming up business, some felt the topic was not of interest to non-flying spouses. Marv has kept track of attendance and May has always been low. Those who attended seemed happy with the food and service at the Valley Inn. Joel Kirschner will continue to look for a venue on the West Side. The June meeting will be at the Valley Inn, July and August are dark, next dinner meeting is Sept. 18th.

Safety: Claudio Losacco will do an article for the June Flyer. There was some dis-cussion regarding single-pilot IFR, how to maintain currency, when to actually use the rating, why one must have it, etc.

Fly-Ins: 18 attended the fly-in to San Francisco. There was a TFR at VNY, so take-off was to the north. The weather was beautiful until the clouds covered the Golden Gate Bridge, the tour of Alcatraz was great. The fly-in to SLO is all set up. A security clearance is required and Gene Korney will get the necessary documenta-tion from the participants. There are 4 rooms left for the Carson City fly-in. Can-yon de Chelly only has 2 sign-ups, but the ad will be in the June Flyer.

Speakers: The speakers have been arranged for Sept., Oct., and Nov.

Picnic: The club picnic is Aug. 11th at Goleta Beach. Don Eisenberg arranged for the permit. Yoni Boujo will host. Joel Kirschner made the motion to budget $600 for the picnic, 2nd by Judy Rifkin, passed.

Website: Joel has put up a page on which to report problems. He would like to prepare a short blurb on the site, how it works, etc.

Holiday Party: The date published on the website is incorrect and will be changed to Dec. 2nd.

Nominations: We need to think about who will be running the club next year. We have to present a slate in October.

New Business: Mark Cheer has volunteered to video our members with their air-planes. These short, 1-2 minute videos could be published on the Member Profile page. The next board meeting will be June 30th, with a VFR fly-in to Bakersfield for lunch.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:08.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Rifkin, Co-Secretary