Minutes April 28

Airventurers Club Board Meeting
April 28, 2012

President Al Lane opened this meeting at Signature Aviation at Van Nuys Airport at 10:05 am. Present were Board members Al Lane, Marv Rifkin, Yoni Boujo, Bernie Harris, Judy Rifkin, Cliff Busick, Claudio Losacco and Joel Kirschner. Also present were Fred Stewart, Don Eisenberg, Gene and Bonnie Barlowe, Jeanne Lane, Dan and Lorraine Simansky and new applicants J.B. Adkins and his lovely wife, Yvonne.

The minutes of the March 31, 2012 board meeting, taken by Judy Rifkin, were read by Bernie Harris, approved and accepted.

Treasurers Report: Joel Kirschner passed around a handout showing that we had income this year of $3,675 and expenses of $2,167.65. Fly-ins are extra and always end in $.00. Gene Barlowe inquired what our lowest limit of our finances should be? It was mentioned that Gene Korney was working on a limit of $6,000 previously.

Dinners: Al Lane thought our last dinner meeting at Chablis was very successful, except for a long delay between courses, and that a substitute fish meal served to two members was unacceptable. A survey done by Marv Rifkin was presented. Judy Rifkin said that if a meal is not acceptable, then it should be sent back, which was not done in this case. A discussion of various venues ensued. The next dinner meeting will be at Valley Inn on May 15th.

Sunshine: Judy said that Barry Rainey had surgery recently and she would send a card.

Safety: Claudio reported a prop strike by one of our members at Perris. Joel said that CMA is a training tower and brought up some safety considerations about that. NOAA is enforcing fines for flying below 2000 feet over the Channel Islands, separate from the FAA. It is about disturbing wildlife.

Website: Joel said the site has a list of contacts now and that planes for sale or new acquisitions will be listed also. Judy would like more pictures. A gallery of new applicants is on the web now, and someone said they should be in the Flyer also.

Membership: Don Eisenberg said that Bruce Taber wants an application, and that was approved. Application forms have been updated, but are not on the web. Joel has applications available. Warren Erickson would like membership also. Cliff Busick proposed to issue him an application, 2nd by Judy, and passed.

Fly-ins: April – Death Valley was hot, but enjoyable, according to Al. May – San Francisco, which is filled and is being hosted by the Samojens. However, Al is canceling and there may be one opening. June – San Luis Obispo. July – Marv Rifkin is hosting Carson City.

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Speakers: Discussion according to Al Lane, May will be .Michael Phillips, June – Linda Erlich. July and August will be dark.

Old Business: Al passed around copies of a new brochure to enhance our membership drive. Hard paper stock was suggested, like as used in a Goodyear brochure, which was also passed around. To pay online by PayPal will cost 3% henceforth. Don Eisenberg suggested we have a PayPal price and a cash price for events listed in the Flyer.

New Business: The next board meeting will be May 19th, non-standard because of the Memorial Day weekend. Both Al Lane and Bernie Harris will not be able to attend. Marv Rifkin will conduct the meeting and Judy Rifkin will take the minutes. Joel said that Mark Cheer offers to photograph your aircraft, and with a short bio, at no charge, to be put on the website. Non-shows for fly-ins will be refunded, except for non-refundable charges incurred. A Proteus aircraft, the largest composite aircraft presently, is at CMA for a month.

The next Board meeting will be at Signature Aviation on May 19th, as indicated above, with lunch flying out to SMO afterwards, weather permitting. The Fly out lunch today is to Camarillo. June will be to Bakersfield. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Bernie Harris, Secretary