Airventurers of Southern California Inc.

An Aviation Social Club

Established 1966

AIRVENTURERS is a purely social, non-profit, diverse group of pilots, both men and women, either solo or with their flying companions and families. We are based at CMA, VNY, SMO, TOA, BUR, CRQ, EMT, HHR, and WHP. We are owner pilots and renter pilots, low-time pilots and high-time pilots, entry-level pilots and those with too many ratings to list, but we have a common denominator – we love to talk, we love to eat, and we love to fly. AIRVENTURERS has monthly fly-ins. We plan short day trips, some one or two night trips, and some longer and further afield. We also have a monthly dinner meeting with an interesting speaker and safety presentations, a summer picnic/hangar party, and a December holiday party. We have monthly board meetings (all members are encouraged to attend). AIRVENTURERS does not have planes to rent. While many of our members do own their own planes, airplane ownership is not a requirement for membership. Because traffic on the 101 and the 405 is impossible on week nights, AIRVENTURERS mostly meets on the third Sunday of the month for dinner and a program  at a restaurant close to the 405 freeway in the San Fernando Valley. Three meetings a year are currently held on a Thursday night at a restaurant in the city. Check the calendar and Flyer for details. AIRVENTURERS is organized for the continuing safety, education, pleasure and recreation of its members. It is a non-profit corporation.